Grant Recipients


Meet Our 2017 Grant Recipients


In its 29-year history, the Harvest Ball Society has distributed in excess of $7.8 million to over 84 charities.


Impact Stories

  • Assistance League® of Kansas City

    Assistance League® of Kansas City, is an all-volunteer non-profit organization operating several community based philanthropic programs. These programs provide new clothing and supplies to needy and at-risk children, students and families; support to assault victims; teddy bears to comfort children in crisis; friendship to area seniors and an elementary school curriculum teaching safety skills and awareness. Operation School Bell® and Operation Child In Need are two of Assistance League’s programs that positively impact area school children. Because of generous support from donors such as Harvest Ball Society, we are able to provide new clothing and personal care items for children in elementary and middle schools, identified by the eight local school districts that we serve.


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  • A Strong Runner

    Girls on the Run has taught me how to be a strong and confident girl. When I first joined GOTR I was nervous that I wouldn't be good enough or fast enough. None of that mattered because even though I'm not a very fast runner, I had great coaches that told me "run at your happy pace!" 

    At the end of each season we run the 5K at Arrowhead Stadium. At the 5K there are tattoos, face painting, hair dye, and all that fun stuff. One year, my Dad ran the 5K with me. I was so excited! He wore a pink bandana and went at my happy pace. My mom also ran the 5K with me one year and wore a pretty tutu. I love running with my family!
    At the end of the 5K I earned a medal at the finish line. I wore my medal to school and showed it to all my family. After that, I hung it up on the bulletin board in my room. I'm proud to have my medal from GOTR. The medal reminds me that I can do anything, I am strong.
    Last year I moved to a new school. Joining on the Girls on the Run team there helped me make new friends and I really enjoyed my time. I look forward to GOTR every year and it has helped me do things I never thought I could ever do! 


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  • Hillcrest Hope

    Kim’s story began some time ago in a place of fear, hurt, and brokenness. Her marriage was ending just as she had learned of the abuse her niece and nephews had been suffering. At this time in her life, she was also starting a new career and starting life over without a spouse. “I was terrified,” Kim shares. “I struggled but kept my head above water for the first two years. I was then in a car accident, causing financial distress, and we moved into a rough area.” Kim admits that while she was not happy with where they were in location, she kept reminding herself that her family was fed, housed, and loved. 

    They survived this way for another year, but after experiencing job loss, their only form of transportation disappeared, and Kim began to believe that she may not be the right provider for the children. Yet, those paying attention in Kim’s life saw how hard she had fought to come so far. They surrounded her with support and directed her to Hillcrest Hope.  
    Since coming to Hillcrest Hope, Kim and her family have learned and grown. They have learned more than finances; they have learned about how to work as a family. They have grown closer and stronger together. Kim explains that it feels as though they are “finally coming out of the dark,” and that there is light ahead. They have learned to think long-term, realizing that with setting goals and working toward them, anything is possible.  
    “I believe that when we leave Hillcrest Hope, that we will be confident knowing that if there are bumps, we can withstand and stay on course. I am not broken anymore. I have ways in which I am still healing but I now know that I can survive and even learn to thrive. I am now stronger and do not fear the future for myself or my children anymore.” 


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    Holly came to Love INC late November 2015 to apply for assistance with her water bill.  She had fallen on hard times due to missing work to care for her husband who was gravely ill and on disability.  In the meantime, her daughter and four grandchildren moved in with her.  Love INC was able to cover her water bill and enroll Holly’s family in a six month care plan to provide needed hygiene and household products to help them get back on their feet.  By spring 2016, the family was making ends meet.  Holly continues to work, her daughter recently found new employment, and the children are settled and doing well in school.  They express their deep gratitude to Love INC for providing help during a most difficult time.


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    Meet Taylor

    When Taylor began attending our evening baking classes she was very reserved; held her head down, slumped over and would not talk much with anyone.  The only verbal interactions observed were between Taylor and her mother during drop-off and pick-up.  After two classes, Taylor began interacting with peers and staff.  As time went on Taylor began coming twice a week with support staff to volunteer in our markets, assist with catering events and joined our evening art program.  Currently, Taylor attends Job Preparation program three days a week and is an employed on the weekends at our Weston market.  We have witnessed growth in Taylor’s confidence, self-determination, engagement in healthy choices and socialization. 


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    Meet Taylor (cont.)

    “When you ask me what impact The Farmer’s House has had on Taylor, the word I use is PURPOSE!  It has given her something to look forward to each day.  Something of her very own; friends, goals in life, self confidence, self discipline, a job, people to confide in outside of her family, but most important a PURPOSE… that she is meant to do bigger things in life, touch others hearts not just ours!”

    - Taylor’s Mother.


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  • Miles of Smiles

    Miles of Smiles is grateful for support from the Harvest Ball Society that helps provide dental care to the kids in the Northland that need it most—kids who are uninsured, underinsured, have limited transportation and resources; the kids who otherwise, would not see a dentist. Because of the Harvest Ball Society, kids like Joe not only have the opportunity to see a dentist, but also have a dental home – with staff that remember them, care about them and follow up to make sure they complete their dental care.

    Joe is 9 years old and afraid to visit the dentist. He did not want to get into the dental chair even to have his teeth cleaned!  The Miles of Smiles team put extra effort into making his visit a great experience. By making him laugh and putting fun sunglasses on him to shield him from the operatory light, the dentist was able to get his teeth cleaned and applied fluoride. He had a lot of fun, and walked away feeling proud about his smile and he felt like he made friends at Miles of Smiles. Joe has to come back to get a cavity fixed, but we are confident he will ease in to the chair without fear, and we look forward to rocking the sunglasses with him again! 

    We are glad we can take the time to work with Joe to make sure he gets the care he needs. And we are grateful for support from the Harvest Ball Society that makes that possible.


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  • Northland Neighborhoods, Inc.

    Pam is 64 years old and lives alone on $14,000 per year. She has had a heart attack, beat cancer, and is now fighting an auto immune disease that she receives weekly in-home transfusions.

    Pam loves her little house in Gladstone. She takes great pride in her home and works very hard to maintain it.  Her home, built in 1951, has a lot of deferred maintenance issues. Her electrical systems in the home are in poor condition. Many outlets and switches don’t work at all. She does not have the money to have her electrical systems repaired and upgraded and worries that her house will catch fire. 
    Northland Neighborhoods, Inc. (“NNI”), contracted with a licensed electrician to provide the necessary electrical repairs and upgrades to Pam’s home. The contractor stated that Pam had good reason to worry about a potential fire. 
    Pam is very appreciative of NNI and the Harvest Ball Society for the repairs to her home. She is sleeping much better these days!


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  • Southern Platte County Emergency Assistance Center (SPEAC)

    SPEAC provides a food pantry serviced by volunteers to low income families in Southern Platte County.  Last year the Harvest Ball Society generously provided funding for a new industrial refrigerator and freezer (shown in the photograph) enabling the pantry to provide nutritious foods, such as eggs, butter, vegetables, healthy fish (tilapia, salmon and cod) and a variety of meats (chicken, beef and pork). 

    Recent comments from patrons of the food pantry include:
    1. We appreciate that we get to choose what food we want and will use.
    2. Thank you for providing healthy food.
    3. I love salmon and cannot afford to buy it.
    4. I cannot tell you how much your support helped me and my family when I was unemployed.  I now have a job and hope not to need you in the future.
    5. I appreciate the SPEAC food pantry.
    6. Can I really have a beef roast?  I do not know when I last had a roast.
    7. I am not sure how my family would survive without your help.
    8. Thank you for providing food when we need it.
    9. While laid off from work, the pantry was a lifesaver.


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2017 Charitable Recipients

· Assistance League of Kansas City
· A Turning Point Ministry, Inc.
· Clay County Clothes Closet
· The Family Conservancy
· The Farmer's House
· Feed Northland Kids
· Good Samaritan Center of Excelsior Springs
· Hillcrest Hope Ministries (Liberty)
· Hillcrest Platte County
· HOPE.wrx (Hillside Opening Possibilities for Everyone)
· Life Unlimited (formerly Concerned Care and Immacolata Manor)
· Love INC of Clay County
· Miles of Smiles, Inc.
· Northland Assistance Center
· Northland Christmas Store
· Northland Healthcare Access
· Northland Meals on Wheels
· Northland Neighborhoods, Inc.
· Platte County Senior Services
· Salvation Army
· Shepherd's Center of the Northland
· Southern Platte Emergency Assistance Center
· St. Charles Food Pantry
· Synergy Services
· Tri-County Mental Health Services