Meet Our 2017 Pages


The Pages of the Harvest Ball Society are selected each year to assist in the formal Honoree Presentation at the Ball. It is an honor typically bestowed on the children or grandchildren of past and present Harvest Ball Society members. The Pages demonstrate the Harvest Ball Society’s commitment to its ongoing recognition of youth and the importance of volunteering at an early age.

  • Alexandra Andrade
    Myer Cohara
    John "Jack" Dotson
    Caroline Hawkinson
    Ellie Pittman
  • Tatum Anderson Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Drew (Brooke) Latas and Mr. & Mrs. Nathan (Sara) Anderson and granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bill (Judy) Chastain
    Beau Andrews Son of Mr. and Mrs. Chris (Julie) Andrews and grandson of Mr. and Mrs. Charles (Patty) Garney
    Cooper Andrews Son of Mr. and Mrs. Chris (Julie) Andrews and grandson of Mr. and Mrs. Charles (Patty) Garney
    Larkin Brundige Daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Tyler (Shari) Brundige and granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bill (Judy) Chastain
    Lucas Dillingham Son of Mr. and Mrs. Bill (Keri) Dillingham and grandson of Mr. and Mrs. John (Nancy) Dillingham
    Jackson Otte Son of Mr. and Mrs. Brian (Stephanie) Otte and grandson of Mr. and Mrs. David (Barbara) Wells 



    Dawson Beane Son of Casey & Shannon Beane
    Mason Beane Son of Casey & Shannon Beane
    Audrey Bramlett Daughter of Stephen and Nancy Bramlett
    Cayo Andres Dominguez-Heithoff, IV Son of Andres Dominguez III and Amy Heithoff
    Wyatt Hawkinson Son of Dana Hawkinson and Courtney Goddard
    Riley Reed Daughter of Jason Reed and Jen Reed
    Graham Sallee Son of Andrew Sallee and Emily Donnelli-Sallee


  • Grace Hall Daughter of Heather and Eben Hall
    Reganne Reed Daughter of Jen Reed and Jason Reed
    Emily Watson   Daughter of Jill and Mike Watson


  • McKenzie Buzard
    Alexander Dotson
    Anna Guest
    Dalton Mylar
    Alexandra Renn
    Birgitta Renn
    Lily Weaver


  • Kira Anderson
    Avery Brundige
    Lucas Dorrell
    Cormac O'Dear
    Avery Spooner
    Daniella Dake
    Charles Andrews


  • Ethan Anderson
    Werner Brundige
    Tyler Jenness
    Emma Suppes-Arnold
    Lillian Supple
    Margaret Supple
    Lillian VanTasell
    Ingrid Weaver


  • Mollie Dillingham
    Allie Dillingham
    Jocee Greathouse
    Jane VanTasell


  • Margaret Lyon
    Joseph Jenness


  • Alexa Bay
    Meredith Dunham
    Meredith Kegin
    Erin McKeon
    Allison Sadler
    Jacob VanTasell


  • Elsa Brundige
    Peyton Greathouse
    Sydney O'Dear
    Caroline Reeder
    Adele Royle


  • Grant Dunham
    Jackson Triplett
    Nicholas Jenness
    John Lyon


  • Heather Bolling
    John Dods, Jr.
    Ashley Herring
    Sydney Triplett


  • Zack Royle
    Lexi Greathouse
    Adrienne Dunham
    Sarah Lyon
    Paige Watson


  • Cambridge Cates
    Courtney Green
    Scott Herring
    Rachel Loggan
    Lauren Short


  • Matthew Herring
    Katie Lyon
    Michelle Royle
    Matthew Smith


  • Chandler Cates
    Evan Holwick


  • Ryan Loggan
    Carey Sneed


  • Abigail Thomas
    Katelyn Triplett
    Dayna Sheldon


  • Emily Smith
    Taylor Leffkowitz


  • Catherine Blair
    David Blair
    Bryan Moorefield
    Kenzie Rumble
    Ashley Thomas
    Zachary Triplett


  • Katie Smith
    Sarah Werner


  • Amy Blair
    Chadwick Sneed


  • Lauren Thomas
    Abbey Triplett